Htyp = Helps Type Your Prose

This site is dedicated to text based communication aids called Htyp, Write Easy, RC-scan and Oriented-scan. All are accessible by keyboard, mouse and switches, use synthetic speech and digitised speech, are available under Windows, need some service and have been thoroughly tested.

Htyp or Helps Type Your Prose is the oldest and was used in research intended for reading subjects with a communication handicap such as acquired dysarthria because of bulbar ALS. Htyp is inspired by research from Alm, Newell, Todman and others who investigated reuse of stored text for people with a communication handicap.

Htyp organises texts in paragraphs and can read (Alternative) Morse Code from the keyboard as well as from the mouse. It offers two-bit quartering, an innovative scanning system that can be operated with eyes closed and that combines well with macros and text prediction. Most other known scanning methods are available too.

Write Easy is a more recent project that uses Alternative Morse Code with sustained dashes to access macro’s and word prediction. With switches it combines unprecedented input rate with convincing presentation. If I would need a communication aid myself, Write Easy would be my choice.

RC-scan is learned in minutes and has several new functions. Its empty first column allows a moving matrix for people with lateral gaze paralysis, a reasonably effective jump option and two dimensional active scanning with a single switch and sustained dashes. If no time is available for service, RC-scan would be my choice. Finally, if I had locked-in with lateral eye-gaze paralysis, Oriented Scanning with moving matrix should be considered too.

Mail if you want to share something with me.